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Ghostfeeder closes 2023 with a new single that calls back to the project's earliest inception as a four-piece rock band.

Deviating from the synthwave/retrowave aesthetics that make up the majority of the project's catalog, 
The Fallout taps into decidedly 90's influences and combines garage rock instrumentation with Ghostfeeder's trademark synthesizers and, perhaps, the project's best vocal hook to date. The end result is a briskly building song that feels more like an outtake from an alternate timeline's version of Nine Inch Nails' "With Teeth" than anything that could be mistaken for an 80's revival.

Mixed by Grammy Award-nominated and platinum selling artist/producer Amir Derakh (Orgy, Dead By Sunrise, Julien-K) and mastered by Mike Marsh (The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Depeche Mode), 
The Fallout puts an edgy, introspective cap on a year that has seen Ghostfeeder's releases reach an ever widening audience via playlist placements and a deeper focus on concise, get-to-the-point songwriting. 

The Fallout releases on December 8th via FRAME|WORK Artist Development.




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Alongside songs from heavy hitters such as Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, The Mars Volta, and The Gaslight Anthem, Ghostfeeder's other recently released tracks have been featured on the following official

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With one foot in the inevitable cyberpunk future and the other firmly planted in the nostalgia of decades past, Ghostfeeder’s sound draws from dueling aesthetics to create a sonic environment that spans generations and genres alike. Evocative synthesizer textures, powerful guitar riffs and hook-laden, heartfelt pop/rock vocals lure listeners into an alternative timeline that sees flickering neon lights, analog warmth and retro video game technology share center stage.


Ghostfeeder’s deep but approachable song catalog and powerful, dynamic live performances have allowed the project to tour North America multiple times in support of fellow synthrockers The Birthday Massacre, Julien-K, Covenant, former members of industrial legends KMFDM and more. Most recently, Ghostfeeder performed at Cold Waves X in Chicago. A premier industrial music festival, Cold Waves showcases both upcoming and established dark electronic acts.


Ghostfeeder is helmed by solo songwriter, programmer, and nostalgist Derek Walborn. 

Ever evolving sonically and aesthetically, Walborn's consistent quality output and live performances have resulted in a fanbase that encompasses lovers of rock, synth wave, industrial, synth pop, and metal.

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