my sweat, my tears, my blood

just not good enough to get things done

try to get ahead but I seem to find

I was born to be stuck at the starting line

just more noise

for you to avoid

one more tantrum

into the void

never satisfied

but always fed up

never good enough

to fill me up

get out the way

'cuz I'm cutting in line

I'd earn my way

but who's got the time

split my lungs and sell my soul

shoot for the stars and end up in a hole

count up all the years I've wasted

just to be nameless

world fameless

always back

where it begins

thought I'd get out what I put in

just when it seems that I've gotten ahead

I find myself down here

at the bottom again

when will I admit defeat?

one more cancer that you can't beat



I've broken all your falls

I must have heard it all

your threats through crocodile tears

now fall on deafened ears

the violence your love brings

bleeds into everything I do

your melodramatic ways

are turning me into you


so you'd rather die than be alone

the Juliet to my Romeo

let's put your money where your mouth is

let's see how far you'll take this


been there for everything

ups and downs and in-betweens

these lines where we used to connect

found their way around my neck

and now it's fear I see

where there was once your pretty face

there's not much left of me

but you want it anyway


I hope I don't seem cruel

and I hope you figure it out

but I doubt you'd hear my words

if you hadn't put them in my mouth

your eyes they cut like knives

but I've no more blood to give you

you darken all my light

here's hoping I can get through




life would be easier if I could just escape the dark

your shadow cast over everything

you know I can remember every single phrase by heart

you hope I don't repeat history

every day I just get better

your walls are wearing thin

this world you built around me

no longer holds me in


the one you tried to forget

let me help you remember

better late than never

the promises that you made

to someone you threw away

but now I'm back forever


you kept me under lock and key

so you could have your way

but this veneer is starting to fade

you took me for a fool

this boy that you betrayed

you'll learn to fear the monster that you've made

you took advantage of me

you were all that I knew

I'm taking all your horror

and now I'm bringing it back to you


just as you had feared

I am learning to read 

between the lines of your version of reality

I can't believe it took you so long to see

you never really had control over me



there doesn't seem

to be time

for me to be polite

I'm afraid

I just can't get enough of you tonight


I know that this could be the end of me

I'm such a sucker for the chemistry


I can bleed you dry and you won't even care

tell a thousand lies and you'll be there

I can change your life for better or worse

so let's roll the dice and see what comes first


I can't seem

to find the will

to force resistance

we can't seem

to tell ourselves

to keep our distance



I say the words that take you where you wanna go

do the things that put on a hell of a show

lost in the afterglow

I televise the thoughts that were never clear

a megaphone for all you ever wanted to hear

you'll never get out of here


I'm at my best when you're scared to death

it's just like an invitation

when you're alone with the demons in your head

I'll be there like your salvation


I'll carve a weapon out of your fear

a gift from me

so no one can get near

perfectly engineered

ill find a corner of your mind that you had to hide

behind a face that covered up whats inside

I'll be your alibi


I've got the only way to make things better

my advances will not be denied

salivating over your surrender

open up and let the wolves inside




while you grow tired and get old

we dance like fire and glitter like gold

deeper than the ocean, wider than the sky

immortality personified


crowns crumble, kingdoms disappear

through it all, we're still here

forever starry-eyed

our youth won't fade

we'll never die


while you salt the earth like it's a wound

we plant seeds by the light of the moon

while you stake claims on what you own

we watch the skin fall from your bones


we're your fears deified

here counting by your bedside

while you run out of time

our youth won't fade

we'll never die



posing as shepherds 

but seeing life for the meat

your sheep will trade their wool

for claws and teeth

hunting the hunter

immune to the deja vu

the scent trail that you follow

always circles back to you


another scream in the air

and blood in the street

you know that we'll never end

what we just repeat

how can we ever rise and be something greater

when we just can't deny our animal nature


cornered creatures

void of love and empathy

fighting over the scraps of leftover humanity

in the smoke of fear 

sympathy is slowly smothered

losing our sight

losing grip on one another




so many stories

fairytales and make-believe

its hard for me to commit

and face reality

you keep on saying 

there's nothing in this for me

not every pauper

gets to trade with royalty


the heir in waiting effect

no scepter to wield

ugly duckling complex

no swan yet to yield


turn your head and watch another star crash

these waning fantasies were never meant to last

and as I burn away these riches turn back into rags

this Cinderella wannabe

walks home on broken glass


sometimes I'll just pretend

I've got the life that I am due

you'd think I'd know by now that

sometimes fate just don't come through

some curses will never break

no matter how good it gets

this beauty may never wake

in spite of my kiss


I can count the ways that I will always be a failure

no more make-believe

no more happy ever after

© 2018 / 2019 GHOSTFEEDER