faceless misery​

somehow you've had your way again


voiceless agony

your name is better left unsaid

the longer I stay awake

the more it complicates me

the more I look to escape

the more it overtakes me

this phantom

this enemy

this shadow

inside of me


everything that mattered to me

I go where no one can follow


maybe I can live in a dream

and not wake up tomorrow

the faster I try to run

I find the void behind me

the deeper I try to hide

it's always right beside me


your faith is killing you

but you refuse to see

you'd rather throw yourselves

on the spear of your beliefs

you weaponize

misplaced priorities

you victimize

with violent apathy

you're in love

with the endless fight

with the shattered bones

and the gunfire light

you'd give it all

you'd end your life

as long as you die

saying you were right


you're too afraid to change

so you shrug it off

and run away

to somewhere you think

you're safe

I feel too much

I just can't turn it off

it hurts too much

I'll never do enough



you look so good to me

if only you could see

I'm trying to burn your lines

into my memory

you feel so good to me

I don't think you'd believe

I wanna crawl under your skin

and pull you over me


I can't move when you get that look

in your eyes


I'm going nowhere fast

but I don't mind

you sound so good to me

your breath like music to me

I just can't get enough

of this melody

you taste so good to me

sweet like water to this dying man

I just wanna drown in your ocean

fill my lungs again

oh no

what can I do

I just can't sleep with the thought of you

oh no

how can this be

you made a believer out of me

I couldn't change

if I wanted to




blood diamonds

fool's gold

the world's your stage now

you're fake

you're getting old

but you're holding on somehow

so much suffering

over petty things

so easy to forget

Midas fingertips

locked in a death grip

wrapped around your neck

you're no messiah

with your Shakepeare empathy

we're growing weary of the constant tradgedy

you're not a savior

if the sacrifice is symptomatic

you need it like an addict

stop being so dramatic

rescue madness

from the jaws of happiness

no rest for the tragic

take this victory

twist it into misery

this failure is automatic

I refuse to pay you applause

under your falling sky

I refuse to be your audience

while you beg me to watch you die

my patience for your fantasy

has finally gone away

so you can read your eulogy

all alone

far away


I've got the blood of the summer

sticking to my tongue

it fills my mouth like a prayer

I've got the heat of the earth

sticking to my skin

I feel new life in the air

you pull me in and I feel my heart beat

sometimes you have to die to feel alive

I'm seeing double and I'm down on my knees

there's something in the water tonight

I've got your blood in my veins

nothing feels the same, no

I've got your blood in my veins

I've got the world as it moves beneath me

it's like my destiny

I've got the fire of a million suns

burning inside of me

I see your eyes as they stare through mine

no more a divide

you and I

you're in my mind


it gets a little easier every time

we share the same heart

we share the same fear

only the loneliest

know this awful emptiness

you've got your secrets and I've got mine

ever the optimist

you think that there's an end to this

© 2018 / 2019 GHOSTFEEDER