from our own design

we had such hopes in mind

but given a choice

you always make the same mistake

we bare witness to this case

first step to fall from grace

we're beginning to wonder

if you deserve this place

ashes to ashes 

and dust to dust

we try to save you but

you just don't listen to us

you take pride in this

your comfort and your ignorance

well maybe it's time to put you back

where you belong

did we make you to erase you?

should we start again

here without you?

time and time again

we find you in this rut

we try to save you but

you just don't listen to us



some nights I feel so alone

I swear my heart beats by habit

there's something in an open road

it teases meaning but I can't grab it

I try to keep up with a life that's running away

can't find

a place where I fit right

this thing that sets the sky alight

gives me a reason tonight

am I too close or too far away

this light makes night

bright as day

this message cuts right through me

there's something up there for me

so wholly compelled

so drawn in

so driven by the radiance

this fire burning through the trees

feels like it's waiting for me

if I say the things that I see

no one would ever believe me


there's a voice in my head

that I've never heard

they speak to me with their eyes

without a word

there are no secrets now

feeling them figure me out

it's like they know me now

more than I could know myself

it's like I'm not alone in my own mind

it's like there's something else inside

it's like they're using a dream

to get into me

I've never felt so far from love

in all my life

they peeled a layer away

that I can't describe

blurring all the lines in me

where I start and where I end

seeing through me endlessly

I can feel them all in here

they're taking us apart again

pull the old things out put the new things in

they're taking us apart again

gonna get it all right

start over again


how was I supposed to know

the way that I was meant to go

when it's easier the hard way

it's easy to be led astray

I worry for the space between

where I am and where I want to be

it feels like it's killing me

all the lives that I'll never lead

am I all alone in this

playing out all the htings I've missed

I wonder what i could have been

if I was just a little different then

always afraid to lose this shell

this vision of myself

but I want to now

just to free myself

always thought that

I'd missed my chance

never thought that I'd find my path

but now it's clear

don't leave me here

so long been defined

by a life that was never mine

I can't take the solitude

I think I'd rather go with you

have I found a guiding light

all alone in the dead of night

tell me this was meant for me

tell me I'm the one you need

you give me a reason

I'll do whatever you say

I've been so alone down here

show me the way

take me away



this is only a test run

we have much bigger plans yet to come

you're still not what we've been waiting for

same as you always ever were before

we created history

you? petty hate and misery

we gave this world to you

it's all yours and look what you do

one breath

one blink of an eye

your entire lives

you are temporary

you waste 

the gift of your time

so you are denied

until you're ready

is this human apathy

a stain on our legacy?

we gave you all you need

but you gave up

on what you could be




we build up our walls

of mortal skin

we try to hide 

our lack of purpose within

we're so afraid

of intentions undefined

but maybe we are just what they had in mind

music of insects

the anthem of all life tonight

I am guided by a star field of fireflies

dew drops like diamonds

a skyline underneath my feet

I see what could be

and what always was

inside of us

as I descend

from here to the end

I'll never forget

the things that they said

the only way to know you're alive

face first into darkness

and dare to survive

ashes to ashes

and dust to dust

we try to save you but

you just don't listen to us

© 2018 / 2019 GHOSTFEEDER